Beco is based in the South West of England and was established in 1979. With almost 40 years of experience, they are proud to be one of the longest operating renewable energy companies in the UK.
Beco delivers energy savings to businesses, the community, agricultural customers and homeowners. Using a range of technologies, Beco are experts in solar and wind power and installations of energy efficiency equipment including Voltage Optimisation and LED lighting.

The Challenge

In Autumn 2017, Beco went through a major restructure and felt they were not getting enough new business leads having relied on purely word of mouth referrals in the past. While they were retaining their existing customer base, they were in a position where they had a hunger to grow and needed to explore their options to generate new leads for the business.

Air Marketing Group's Solution

Upon initial consultation with Air, Beco felt they wanted to concentrate on generating more customers who required an energy audit however, it was clear this strategy needed to be adapted and refreshed.

Therefore, after learning more about Beco, their aims and target market it was proposed by Air to focus on Voltage Optimisation checks as a route to market. The reason behind this focus was the ability to build a faster revenue stream with a clear message that was fairly unique within the market. It was decided to target the hospitality industry to provide free Voltage Audits and ultimately an energy saving report for the business owner to consider.


For the second proposal, Air targeted South West businesses with a high energy spend.

Results and Leads Generated

At the time this case study was written, Simon Vassall (Beco Sales Manager) informed us that they had 50 confirmed orders from the 300 appointments set to date and this had issued over £400,000 worth of order value.

The partnership between Air and Beco has developed from the pilot campaign to a continued relationship. Air has become the main sales lead generators for Beco and it continues to build so now there are brighter sky’s ahead for Beco.

Vanessa Zalman, General Manager - Beco Energy Limited