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Cammy offers security cameras, which allow individuals to check and monitor homes, family and pets from anywhere, using a mobile app.

With a variety of cameras for both indoor and outdoor use, the integration with smartphones means you can receive notifications and alarms when a person is detected.

The company originally launched in Australia in 2014, and is now running in over 107 countries around the world.

The Challenge

Cammy had previously worked with another telemarketing company in the UK, which had not been performing as well as hoped.

Cammy generates a high number of enquiries and leads through their website and social media adverts every day, therefore it’s vital to have a proactive sales force in the UK to handle and close these leads.

Cammy needed a company that would provide regular feedback and updates across each element of the campaign, as well as achieving the desired 5% conversion rates on all leads.

Air Marketing Group's Solution

Air provided a team of sales experts including a campaign manager dedicated to Cammy. Air Marketing Group would run a telesales campaign, committed to responding to incoming leads in a timely fashion and overseeing the entire sales process for Cammy in the UK.

Air Marketing Group’s team would qualify the leads, convert them in to sales and seek to turn any potential objections into opportunities.


Air Marketing Group is tasked with making camera sales over the phone, by speaking to those who had shown interest online.

From those monitoring pets to families wanting to be wary of burglars, Air sought to increase sales for Cammy through talking to these prospects and showing them the benefits of Cammy’s great solution.

Personable conversations were required to discuss home security and the benefits of the Cammy cameras for families and individuals.

Air were retargeted to achieve a 5% conversion rate on all leads, and measure feedback on the quality of leads coming from each online marketing channel.

Results and Leads Generated

At the time this case study was written, the telesales campaign with Air Marketing Group had seen 842 hours of calling with an average of 24.2 calls per hour. A total of 20,438 calls had been made, and 1,889 of those resulted in a conversation with a decision maker.

The average conversion rate was 7.8%, whereby 147 sales had been made over the phone. This averaged out to be 5.7 hours worked per sale.

Owen and the team at Air Marketing have successfully helped us grow our business in the United Kingdom. I have found the Air team to not only be professional but also transparent in all of our dealings while providing detailed and insightful feedback on our campaigns and product offerings.I would highly recommend Air Marketing to any other businesses that are looking to grow their presence in the United Kingdom.

Louise Moule, Marketing Director - Cammy