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Gold Star Soft Drinks manufactures a large range of quality soft drinks, including fruit juices and soft drink syrups. With a head office in Ivybridge, the company compete with leading brands and work with a network of regional distributors covering almost all of the UK.

Built on traditional foundations, the company has developed over five generations by the Jolly family who are a well-known name in the drinks industry and have been now for over 120 years.

The Challenge

Gold Star Soft Drinks had a selection of drink dispenser systems in the company warehouse which were not being used. In order to get their equipment into new customers’ premises and have them generating revenue, Gold Star needed to produce enough leads to get 30 new customers on board.

What Gold Star Soft Drinks needed was quality appointments with owners of pubs, restaurants, night clubs and hotels, ideally with those who were having challenges with their current suppliers or felt that they were paying too much right now. This is where Air Marketing Group stepped in.

Air Marketing Group's Solution

Air Marketing Group organised a telemarketing campaign designed to generate sales appointments for Gold Star’s sales team.

Using a dedicated account manager and transparent reporting from the get go, the business development experts at Air began to talk to key decision makers and obtain appointments with key decision makers.


The aim for Air Marketing Group was and is to speak to decision makers at companies who sell a large amount of soft drinks, including bars, hotels and restaurants.

Air Marketing Group uses the necessary techniques to find the prospects who qualify as good quality leads and therefore are more likely to convert in a shorter time frame.

Results and Leads Generated

At the time this case study was written, the campaign had seen a total of 60 call hours made, during which Air had spoken to over 250 decision makers. As a result, 32 appointments had been made at a conversion rate of 12.5%. That’s every 8.3 people Air spoke to, agreeing to a meeting with our client.

It took an average of 1.9 hours of work to generate an appointment.

In addition to the appointments made, another 27 warm leads were in the pipeline. These are people who have spoken to us and who have requested a call back in a more suitable timeframe, usually within 1-3 months.

Air Marketing Group has provided well-qualified appointments since day one of our campaign. We had 11 face to face appointments generated in the first 3 days of calling, which was spread over 2 weeks and it just got better from then on.Working with Air has been an extremely cost effective way of generating leads. Far more competitive than other strategies. What we really like is that that Air doesn’t just set any old appointment. They find genuine sales opportunities and set high quality appointments that are well scheduled with excellent route planning for our travel across a large geographical area. Air goes above and beyond with their client support too.

Mark Wainwright, Gold Star Soft Drinks