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Greenhat People seek to drive better engagement through the use of gamification at conferences and events.

The company design active meetings which encourage those involved to go from passive listeners to active contributors using the latest gamification technology.

The Challenge

Greenhat ran in to a situation where there was a lack of inbound sales feeding in to the business, which was affecting the potential revenue that could be made.

Director Georgie Mann from Greenhat, said

“We were having great difficulty getting appointments with our target market.  We had a good database but were not getting through to the right person or getting any interest when we did get through.
“As a growing company, we were all wearing many hats and our outbound sales process was sporadic to say the least!!  Having engaged telemarketing agencies in previous businesses I was a bit wary of engaging another one.”

Greenhat knew that they needed to be doing more business development to start generating leads, and even though they had great data, the organisation didn’t have the time, skills or the resources to do this.

Air Marketing Group's Solution

After speaking with Air, Greenhat decided to start a three month trial campaign. Air Marketing Group’s first week of calling for Greenhat started on the 21st of November 2016, whereby appointments were booked to encourage sales through face to face meetings with Greenhat’s target audience (Mostly event agencies as well as some larger organisations who regularly organise events for their team or clients).
Lead Forensics was also used to track companies looking at Greenhat’s website and ensure they received a timely follow-up call, resulting in opportunities.
Greenhat were safe in the knowledge that Air could provide a team of sales professionals whose time is dedicated to working on their database to book appointments. Greenhat’s time could then be spent on other areas of their business, while Air booked meetings with potential customers.


The target audience for Greenhat People included event organisers or those in event management, to seek those that had a need for changing the way they ran their events to make them more engaging.

Results and Leads Generated

At the time this case study was written, Air had provided:

  • 257 hours of calling
  • 24 appointments/leads
  • 169 further opportunities in the pipeline
  • 512 conversations with decision makers
  • A 4.7% conversion rate

I was totally impressed with Air’s professionalism. We decided to start the three month trial. The results have blown us away; they took the time to get to know our products and got us appointments immediately.Every single appointment has been high quality and we have already had ROI. When I speak to clients who have had a call from Air, they think that they are part of our sales team, which is perfect. They are a true partner; it was a no brainer for us to continue after our trial period.You won’t know until you try but personally, I think you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from working with Air Marketing Group.

Georgie Mann, Director – Green Hat People.