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Leads to You specialises in generating high quality leads through digital marketing which they supply to businesses in the UK. Established in 2010 by Justin Elliott, Leads to You aims to put businesses in contact with leads who have expressed a strong desire for their product or service.

The Challenge

Leads to You had generated a high volume of specific industry leads and were in need of specialist B2B outsourced resource to help them generate clients that these leads would be relevant for.

When looking to solve this challenge, Leads to You had concerns around trusting a 3rd party with their brand reputation, which they had worked hard to build up in the last 7 years.

But having been recommended to Air by a number of people and having heard the reputation within Exeter, Leads to You felt comfortable to approach Air to help solve this challenge.

Air Marketing Group's Solution

Air Marketing Group proposed an appointment setting campaign which would provide Leads to You with qualified, industry specific face to face and phone-based meetings, opening the opportunity to generate new clients for them especially in this specific industry where they had a high volume of industry leads.


Leads to You required Air to target businesses that operated in the home improvement market nationally and who had capacity for more work. This target group would then benefit from the specific industry leads that Leads to You had already generated.

Results and Leads Generated

This campaign was extremely helpful for Leads to You for two reasons. Not only did it generate well qualified targeted leads to meet Leads to You’s requirements, but the engagement with their target market also acted as market research which provided Leads to You with clarity that helped refine their sales and marketing strategy. This meant that in the last month of the pilot campaign the strategy was adapted to see even more relevant leads being generated.

The 12 week Pilot campaign, alone, produced these results:

  • Hours of calling completed: 309.75
  • Average calls per hour: 18.1
  • Conversations with decision makers: 402
  • Conversion rate to appointment: 8.6%
  • Appointments generated so far: 84
  • Potential further opportunities in the pipeline: 37

I never anticipated the amount of detail that Air Marketing Group would go into. They really took the time to get to know our business inside and out so that they were representing us to the best of their ability. I felt Air went above and beyond and this completely settled any concerns I had initially.

Justin Elliott, Managing Director - Leads to You