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Two Bald Blokes is an international training company. The business runs exciting events and learning and development programmes with a creative twist in order to help companies achieve their goals and objectives.

The Challenge

The company found it difficult to communicate their service offering effectively. Their strongest new business development channel was referrals; however they needed a direct way of telling potential new businesses exactly what they do for other companies and how they could help, to continue to develop their teams and further opportunities.

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Air Marketing Group's Solution

Air proposed an appointment setting campaign, designed to get Two Bald Blokes in front of decision makers.

It was important for Air Marketing Group to recognise the problem Two Bald Blokes were having, which meant that Air spent time researching and fully understanding the company, so that clear messaging  on the company’s services could be communicated at all times.

This would not only help prospects understand the services, but also help Two Bald Blokes with promoting their fantastic products.


The aim for Air was to target larger companies, to provide bigger opportunities for Two Bald Blokes. This included a variety of different sectors, with a key theme being that we were looking for companies who invested in their people.

Results and Leads Generated

Air Marketing Group started working with Two Bald Blokes in September 2016.

At the time this case study was written, Air Marketing Group had generated the following results:

  • 22 face to face appointments
  • 22 further opportunities in the pipeline
  • 150 conversations with decision makers
  • 7% conversion rate (decision maker conversations that resulted in a meeting)
  • 202 hours of calling

Working with Owen and his team is a real pleasure. The experience for us was positive and they really understood and engaged with us as a business.Air went out of their way to help us understand our products better and how we could best impact on our customers.

Tim Keehner, Director - Two Bald Blokes.