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Winning Tenders are tender support specialists who help businesses win private and public-sector contracts worth millions of pounds a year. Winning Tenders describe themselves as, “your unfair advantage” for your organisation winning over your competitor.

The Challenge

Winning Tenders were looking for a professional telemarketing agency to help them increase their business and generate professional business leads with organisations who were interested in winning large tenders.

Air Marketing Group's Solution

Air provided a group of dedicated sales professionals who understood the specialism of Winning Tenders and proposed a face to face appointment setting campaign which would enable Winning Tenders to meet with the people who fell within their criteria.

Air provided Winning Tenders with the data required and called to speak to the relevant professionals and set up meetings with the key decision makers.


Winning Tenders wanted to meet with business owners, tender writers or individuals who were responsible for creating new business within certain sectors (Construction, Engineering, Transport, IT and Sales & Marketing).

Results and Leads Generated

At the time this case study was written, 2801 calls had been made over 193.25 hours with 513 conversations taking place. Why not watch our video to find out more about this relationship and the results generated?

The experience was fantastic, for someone like me who places a strong emphasis on the numbers, because [Air] were reporting back; the team were coming back to us with information, statistics [and] quantifying what was going on along the journey and that made it more measurable.

Jon Davey, Sales & Marketing Director - Winning Tenders