Our Dutch sales & telemarketing services are made up of skilled individuals who are well versed in both culture and business development.

Why run a Dutch sales campaign?

A Dutch sales campaign is the perfect way to extend your business into overseas markets.

From our UK office, we’re able to run international campaigns using Dutch speakers with native accents, with known cultural backgrounds, not native English speaking.

Talk Local, Sell Global


Your Business

A Dutch sales campaign with Air® Marketing allows you to begin seriously expanding your business.

Each call is an opportunity for you to gain new clients, grow new business and win new sales.


International Markets

We can help you to grow your business both within the UK and internationally.

Dutch sales campaigns allow you to broaden your new business development efforts to the Dutch and Belgian markets.

Choose Your


Choose your ideal audience and your language of choice. You can define your preferred target audience and we can align your messaging appropriately.

Your sales campaign is then adapted to the language and cultural style that will resonate best with your desired audience.

Getting started is easy...

Using proven telemarketing and lead generation strategies, we’ve carried out several campaigns both nationally and internationally.

Specialist Dutch Telemarketers

Our telemarketers are chosen based on the industry your company operates within. So, they know exactly how to tailor calls and communication specifically for your campaign.

Real-time Reporting

We’ll provide you with access to your own personalised client portal, where you’ll see a detailed range of statistics including real-time updates of campaign hours and appointments booked.

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