Why become a Partner?

If you are working with clients who could benefit from more sales opportunities, look no further than Air! We can help you from the very start of the sales cycle, to full-cycle sales and acquisition.

Becoming a referral partner is easy and whether you refer people from your network or your client base, you can earn great financial rewards for simply spreading the word.

Not only will your client’s business benefit from what we can offer, we make your referral financially beneficial for your business and can work with you to make our joint collaboration even stronger.

Here's how our Partner Programme benefits you:

Additional revenue stream, simply for referring us

Your logo and a link to your site on Air’s website

Promotion of your brand and content via Air’s social

Good PR, to be associated with Air

Where we can, we will refer you to our Partners

Earn £1,000’s through your partnership

It’s easy to get started, here's what you need to know...

Step 1

Let us know you’d like to consider becoming a partner

Step 2

We’ll arrange a call and run you through how the programme works

Step 3

Sign up to our partnership programme

Step 4

We’ll send you a Partnership Pack.

Step 5

Start referring potential clients to us and begin earning £1,000’s in rewards

Our Partner Community

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