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Jason Kana

Talent Acquisition Specialist

A little bit of background information:

Having travelled and seen a lot of the different perspectives in the world, it has led me to a passion to make a difference in people’s lives. I started my career as a call centre agent for local airline, Flybe. After they went bust, I started doing recruitment and I just knew that it was my calling. Being able to find the right people for the business which would make a change in that person’s life and everyone at Air, by hiring the right people and maintaining our positive culture. My personal beliefs align closely with that of Air’s Ethos which is why when I had the opportunity to join Air, I could not miss out on the opportunity. If I could describe myself in one word it would be Paradox – I love to enjoy all things in life even things which may not be seen to work together.


A little bit about your current role:

As Talent Acquisition Specialist, I am responsible for ensuring that we hire the right talent for the business and that we can continue to prosper and grow as we have. I do this by ensuring that we stay ahead of the workplace market and always proactively assessing how the market changes and shifts so that I can make the correct adjustments.