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Oli Cave

Oli Cave

Account Manager

A little bit of background information:

My career in sales and account management started in 2015, after I graduated from University of Bath studying sports performance. My original plan was to go on to become a teacher, but whilst in the process of applying I started working and I developed a huge passion for sales, specifically within marketing, digital and technology. Aside from the business passions I am obsessed with rugby and all things sport related to be honest, attempting to gym, play golf, cricket and the odd football game as if I’m still a teenager. It’ll catch up with me one day, I’m sure! I have always used my sporting background and experiences to assist in a business setting, finding the similarities between a team and office environment absolutely fascinating. I have drawn upon these similarities throughout my career, which has not only helped me formulate my sales and client relationship philosophy, but shaped how I work daily.

A little bit about your current role:

I joined Air on a fixed term contract in the midst of the pandemic early 2021 to assist with a large campaign that was running at the time. I was so impressed with not only how the team and company had handled what was an awful year for most, but actually started to thrive. It was very apparent early on, through the dedication and resilience shown, how much everyone loved working at Air, and how much as employers they valued each individual in the business. In truth I just wanted to be a part of it!

I was fortunate enough to be offered an Account Managers position at the end of my fixed term contract, of which I am now working as full time. From starting my position to this day, my initial impression and admiration for Air and the team has only grown. The support and encouragement to become the best version of yourself is second to none, and not just from the leadership team, from everyone in the business. It is truly humbling to be a part of.

As an Account Manager my role includes, enhancing and maintaining relationships with our clients, whilst holding the ultimate responsibility for their campaigns’ strategic direction, development, and performance. As well as being responsible for organising and holding client review meetings, we are tasked with maintaining a constructive and analytical approach to each account to ensure that all possibilities are maximised. We are also responsible for guiding the delivery team, in line with the strategy, to provide our clients with the best possible results.