The Air Team

Team Air


Thom Brown

Head of Sales Operations

A little bit of background information:

The majority of my 22 year career has been in leading sales and service teams to deliver above and beyond the expectations of our clients. Starting as a BDE in the construction materials specification sector, I quickly progressed into a national level field sales role, before focusing on leadership and the strategic implementation of customer experience and sales development plans for a multinational manufacturer. I thrive on improving the performance of my teams through on-going coaching, training and development, as well as creating a positive culture to encourage continued growth and success. Air Marketing seems to be the perfect environment to continue my journey, and I look forward to playing my part in the company’s next stages of growth.

In my spare time I like to keep fit – I used to be a keen amateur boxer, and whilst I no longer compete, I still go to the gym regularly. I also play the drums and guitar. Mostly I love to spend time with my son Mason.

A little bit about your current role:

As Head of Sales Operations, I am responsible for ensuring that the performance of our sales delivery teams surpasses our clients’ expectations. With ultimate responsibility for the quality of the service we deliver, my job is to drive continuous improvement and operational efficiency, by creating and implementing the strategy on how the sales team will develop and perform. As part of the Senior Leadership Team, I also play a key role in helping the business reach its next set of financial goals.