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Verity Studley-Wootton

Verity Studley-Wootton

Marketing Manager

A little bit of background information:

I’ve worked in a variety of different roles before finding my passion for marketing; from working for Cadbury’s to a recognisable West Country estate agents.

I’ve worked in Marketing since obtaining my Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualifications in 2016 and becoming a member of the CIM. With experience in agency and in-house roles, I have a diverse range of experience with both offline and online marketing. This knowledge is combined with a passion for strategically planned marketing activity that delivers ROI and utilises clever targeting to get clients in front of their target audience with the right message.

I joined Air Marketing Group in January 2018, as their in-house Marketing Manager. My journey has been an exciting whirlwind ever since.

A little bit of information about your current role:

Air had identified an opportunity to offer their clients even more than telemarketing and satisfy their increasing marketing needs by starting a sister marketing agency. In May 2018, Roots to Market was born.

My role is to run our sister company, Roots to Market, assisting our clients in both strategic and tactical marketing activity, helping them to grow their business and brand awareness. Our driven team of four deliver a variety of marketing activity across a range of B2B industries.

Alongside this, Roots to Market continue to plan and implement the marketing activity for Air Marketing, assisting in the exponential growth of Air.