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Wouter Vanaelst

Wouter Vanaelst

Multilingual Lead

A little bit of background information:

I was born and raised in Belgium, right on the linguistic border. My mother tongue is Flemish/Dutch and from a very early age I also learnt French and German. After studying in Brussels and gaining 2 academic degrees in Educational Sciences and Art & Cultural Andragogy, I went on to work for 7 years as an Educational and Client Services Officer for the Centrale Culturelle Bruxelloise. In this role my focus was monitoring and researching the social and economic climate alongside organising and delivering marketing and recruitment campaigns.

I moved to the UK in 2015, his first role in the UK was teaching French and German classes as an associate lecturer. Alongside this he worked with international companies analysing business to customer (B2C) communication in Dutch, French and German.

A little bit about your current role:

I now head up the multilingual offering for Air Marketing, helping businesses open up opportunities within strong economic countries such as Germany, France and Holland. I’m fascinated by cultural and linguistic differences, how people choose to act, speak and work differently and in understanding this looking at how to make bridges in between cultures and languages. I don’t believe in uniformity, I believe every language, culture and client have different needs that require a bespoke approach. This includes adapting to cultural manners, working with native speakers who have native accents and cultural knowledge.