Transparency – the glue between telemarketers and clients

One of the most common barriers to using outsourced telemarketing and business development agencies is a perceived lack of transparency and trust.

In our experience many clients come to us, having tried outsourcing their telemarketing before and feeling let down. Unfortunately, our industry is plagued by this reputation, owing to the fact that it’s a low point of entry to become a telemarketing company. Got yourself a phone and a computer? Hey, well done, you can start a telemarketing company (or so you think).

So why does transparency matter so much?

We like to refer to transparency as the glue between us and our clients. Without it we fall apart and cannot have a solid working relationship.

As a business you work extremely hard in setting up and establishing a reputation for yourself within your industry and within your client base. Once this is established you are likely to want to increase your growth at a faster pace, at this point you may not have the resource or capacity in house. Which is why you look to outsource.

This reputation is extremely precious to you – so it should be, you’ve worked hard for it. And when it comes to outsourcing your business development, you have to be confident that your brand, your reputation and your culture is being represented correctly on the phone. Unless you feel your chosen outsourced partner is consistently being honest and transparent it can be very difficult to allow them to become a representative of your brand.

How do you prove transparency?

It’s all very easy to say ‘We are transparent’ but saying it simply isn’t enough. You have to be able to prove it.

We firmly believe that although we are an outsourced partner to your business, we should understand your business to the same level as your employees to feel confident to really express the brand and represent you. Which is why we collaborate with you at every single stage of the process, so you are confident in the knowledge of what we are doing on your behalf, this includes:

  • Setup of a strategy, writing telephone scripts and follow-up email copy with your input and approval
  • We ask all clients to conduct a training session for the team making your calls, so they fully understand your business and are competent in how they are going to approach the task in hand
  • We have a bespoke client portal for clients to access live time information on calls, conversations and time spent on your campaign
  • You will be assigned an Account Manager and calling team who will be your regular and consistent contact throughout the entire campaign
  • All of our calls are recorded, and you can request access to these at any point or we can set up regular sharing of these calls with you

I know that transparency is vital for any relationship especially when we are representing the brand you’ve worked so hard to develop. If you are feeling let down by your current business development partner or you’ve been considering outsourcing but haven’t yet taken the leap, then talk to us about how we could help you. Give us a call on 0345 241 3038, pop us an email to or visit our website for more information.

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