Expand your reach overseas and introduce your brand to new audiences

A multilingual sales campaign is a perfect way to expand your influence and build your brand in new markets overseas. 

At Air Marketing, we’ve delivered successful B2B and B2C sales campaigns across a variety of countries and locations.

From our UK office, we’re able to run international campaigns using native speakers fluent in languages including Dutch, French and German. We tailor your product or service to the local culture and market, taking cultural differences into consideration throughout.

Need support in another language? Let us know what you need, and we’ll show you how we can help.

With us, you can sell globally, without losing the reassurance that comes with a local approach.

Why go global with Air Marketing?


Your Business

A sales campaign with Air® Marketing allows you to begin seriously expanding your business.

Each call is an opportunity for you to gain new clients, grow new business, and win new sales.


International Markets

We can help you to grow your business both within the UK and internationally.

Multilingual sales campaigns allow you to broaden your new business development efforts into new regions, where the competitor landscape may be more favourable.

Choose your


Choose your ideal audience and your language of choice. You can define your preferred target audience and we can align your messaging appropriately.

Your sales campaign is then adapted to the language and cultural style that will resonate best with your desired audience.

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