#TeamAir have moved!

At Air we have an ambitious and driven team. We continuously go above and beyond for our clients to ensure that their investments are worthwhile, and their businesses are a success. It is for this reason that our own success continues to grow month on month.

When we began, just two and a half years ago, we worked out of someone else’s borrowed boardroom, with a grand total of two employees. From there we swiftly grew and began to develop into the company we are today.

During 2016, our staff numbers grew from 1-15 and so, to accommodate our growing workforce and business needs, we moved out of said boardroom and into Brittany House, our new head office that accommodated 15 people. However, never a workforce to slow down, our business continued to grow and so, Brittany House only lasted us a year and we moved into our Queen Street office in 2017. With the ability to accommodate 40 people, we had capacity to more than double in size. Little did we know that we were going to achieve this in the space of 6 months. In 2017, we grew to 40 employees and knew that going into 2018 we would need to pack up the boxes and call the removal company once again.

Signing new and exciting clients, including well-known household brands, our staff numbers have now grown to more than 50. Excitingly, in March 2018, we were able to launch our sister company, Roots 2 Market, to assist with the marketing of our clients and potential clients.

And guess what? We aren’t looking to slow down anytime soon. For that reason, we have moved again! Leaving our office on Queen Street, we are now based at the Forum, on Barnfield Road and today marks our first day of operation in our new home. We are ready and raring to go, all set to help our clients boost their business and also take on new clients. We always welcome visitors, so please do pop in and have a look around our new office, or just say hello!

With a potential capacity of 100 seats, we are always looking for ambitious Business Development Executives to join our exciting and ever-growing team. This move has also allowed an office restructure and some well-deserved promotions. After a whirlwind two and a half years, we are eager to see what the future has in store for us. Watch this space!


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