Email nurturing and your sales campaign

Marketing a product or service by email is nothing new, but in an ever-changing digital world, where target markets are becoming more discerning and wanting that personal touch, we think of email nurturing as a faithful old friend.

No one wants a spam email, or with the onset of GDPR, should be receiving one! We are constantly hit with impersonal advertising in our inboxes, so unless it seems that some time and effort has gone into providing us with the information we seek, we simply aren’t going to buy into it.  According to Experian, personalised emails deliver 6x higher transaction rates. Therefore, it is worth taking some time to think about what an individual may want to receive.

If you have identified a group of individuals or businesses with a legitimate interest in your product or service, running a personalised email campaign is the way to go. Thanks to many email packages now offering comprehensive reporting insights, a simple introduction to coding and segmentation, there is no excuse for not using personalisation. Such sites also allow you to send as many personalised emails as you like in one hit. 100s of tailored emails can be distributed in a matter of minutes, each addressed to a specific person/company, putting your product or service directly in front of decision makers in a format they like.

But you need to keep in mind that personalisation alone will not make your email campaign stand out – it is also important to get creative! We’ve created the email below to give you our favourite hints and tips for a basic, personalised, introduction email:

Example of an introduction email from Roots to Market

Once you have sent out your first email, it is key to then follow this up rather than just providing sporadic, one-off communication. A fantastic way to do this is with a nurture stream, this is a sequence of emails that send your recipients on a journey of your story and works especially well for those that express interest or for those that might consider your product or service at a later date.

A key addition to these emails are testimonials. Research has shown that 92% of customers read online reviews, with 88% of people trusting online recommendations as much as ones given in person. An impressive 72% of people claim that positive testimonials lead to them trusting a business.

We’ve created an example nurture email and featured the use of testimonial, have a look below:

Example nurture email from Roots to Market

If you are interested in using email marketing as a part of your campaign, but perhaps don’t have the resource or expertise in-house, get in touch with us and we will help you by creating a tailor made campaign for your business – give us a call on: 01392 796 702 or email:

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