Quality Assurance, a New Year’s resolution to stick to!

A renewed focus on Quality Assurance (QA) should be at the top of everyone’s resolution list this year. In the telemarketing industry small issues within company processes can often snowball and result in bigger, damaging issues if not nipped in the bud quickly. By implementing a QA system, you can make sure that best practise is followed by your team in every aspect of their calls – from introduction to close.

At Air, we rely on our QA system to maintain our reputation in the local and wider areas. We have taken many learnings from our system and this has allowed us to make sure that our services are of a high standard in a highly competitive market. Our focus on quality is what has allowed us to disrupt the industry and bring business to Exeter, rather than it being focused purely in London.

We want to distance ourselves from the traditional telemarketing reputation that telemarketing companies have of offering low quality services. We achieve this through our ability to be transparent. Part of our QA system is regular ‘calibration’ sessions with our clients, in which they have the ability to listen to our calls and offer training to ensure that we are delivering their brand message the way it should be.

From the outset of a client’s journey with us, QA is at the top of our priority list. Within our initial meetings we outline our typical sales cycle and method, allowing them to get involved and adapt it where they see fit. From there, we introduce their dialling team and we encourage them to discuss their product and services in as much detail as they can so that everyone has a thorough understanding of the offering and industry they will be selling in. We then set up a script and pitch for our diallers which provides them with a guide for their calls. Our scripts are important, offering company USPs and common objections, however, we don’t hire robots and we don’t want our calls to sound scripted, so we allow our expert diallers to tailor them as they see fit.

Once the diallers have made their calls, they then go through the next phase of our QA process – call screening. This involves us randomly selecting calls from each campaign and grading them against Air’s call framework, which is adjusted to suit each client. Owing to our transparent approach, clients can have as much involvement with this as they would like, for example one client calls us every Friday to catch up with the campaign and compare call notes. To follow up on these discussions, we then have a debrief with the dialler who’s call has been selected to ensure that they implement any feedback going forwards.

For us, QA helps us to meet our clients demands and expectations. By continuously offering services of a high quality, we build strong trust with our clients. It also allows us to save us and them costs, as we can pin point issues before they become damaging. Investing in QA is indispensable in many industries today. It is most effective when it’s in place from the start. When Quality Assurance is done right, confidence is guaranteed.

Opinion Piece by Jo Marshall, Quality Assurance Co-ordinator

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