Telesales… It’s just double glazing and all that, isn’t it?

PPI, double glazing and timeshare apartments in Turkey. Hundreds of young staff, ‘battery hens’, on automatic redial with a career expected to span until the end of the week… If committed. I think that covers telesales, right? Oh, and “please, just take me off your list!”

Well, that may have been the image, one day, far back in the past. Although, I may still be doing the industry a big injustice and for that, I apologise. However, whether that was what the image of telemarketing was or whether it wasn’t, one thing is for sure… I certainly never expected it to be what I found when I walked into Air Marketing Group – the multi award winning outsourced business development, telesales and telemarketing services company in the heart of Exeter’s professional Southernhay district.

Any preconceptions that I had tucked up my sleeve were immediately out the window. I’ve spent my life in sales, working in a variety of industries including owning a small estate agency group and a clothes brand but what I have seen at Air marketing is second to none. They have completely opened my eyes to just how far away from my preconceived image of the industry was from the reality.

Organised, hyper-professional, driven, ambitious and all of that with a relaxed, engaging culture – that is Air. Air tackled my preconceptions from every angle, quickly showing me that they are a well-rounded outsourced sales team, an extension of any business that wants their own ‘instant plug-in’ to focus on selling their particular product or service. Without interruption, without variation, with a trained approach that best expresses their brand and one that is 100% recorded for quality control and training – all day every day if required.

Like I say, it just was not what I expected. If you couple this hive of focused sales activity which brings in 100’s of leads for clients such as Funding Circle and Beco Energy, with their sister marketing company ‘Roots to Market’, you can see the full sales cycle. From generating new enquiries to nurturing leads and then even to appointment closing and money taking, Air and Roots offer a complete sales and marketing funnel all under one roof.

If a company has an event to market, a service to sell into businesses or a product that requires a sales team to test the concept, it is now easier than ever to do this. At Air, we instantly, professionally and successfully demonstrate proven results and help companies to generate hundreds of thousands of pounds of revenue. I think that is something worth shouting about – as far as I can see, the image of telemarketing is changing, and Air is leading the way.

Here’s to working with such a forward-thinking, ground breaking, exciting and industry changing company and here is to the future of the ‘right’ telesales!

Opinion Piece by Simon Scott Nelson, New Business Manager

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