Culture – Only seeing is believing

One thing that has made a huge difference recently here at the Air Marketing Group, is the concerted effort for clients to actually ‘see’ our culture. To incentivise clients to come down to sunny Devon as early as we can in the sales process and experience our ‘difference’ for themselves.

You see, we are very proud of what we have created at Air Marketing Group, but there is only so much that you can say over the phone when trying to explain a culture and an ethos – seeing is believing. Adjectives like hyper-professional, driven, ambitious and cultured are all over-used, when sales people are promoting their services to prospective clients.

This, for example, was my first impression of Air Marketing Group when I started working here a few months ago:

“Think telesales, then destroy that mental image and re-engage, re-ignite and reconsider your sales team with Air Marketing Group – the most technologically advanced outsourced sales and Demand Generation partner in the UK.”

And it’s true, Team Air team have won many awards and are nominated as national finalists in both the ISM’s BESMA awards and the Amazon Growing Business Awards. My point though, is that anyone could say it, but not everyone is speaking the truth.

So, if anyone can make the same grand claims about their business, then how can you get differentiation if you consider your offering is actually ‘better?’ Well, we decided to go one step further and not only invite prospective clients to come and have a tour of our offices but give the client the chance to be left alone and have the run of the floor with our sales teams to quiz them, engage with them and get to know everyone in the office.

What we find is that clients have so many questions on how a campaign is run that, if left with those running and working on the campaigns, they relax and work out how our sales process can best be incorporated with their product or service. They are not being sold to at all, rather just being a fly on the wall and working out how it all works. They are often really surprised that we are confident enough in our team to leave an open invitation for them to talk to anyone and ask them anything they want. But why wouldn’t we be? We are proud of the culture that we have developed here and of the results that this culture gets for our clients in return. We treat our staff well and we look after everyone’s wellbeing – we have a great time, and we have nothing to hide.

You see, we are not ‘salesy’ to new clients, which is a bizarre thing to say about a company who averaged an ROI of £18 for every £1 spent by clients in 2018. But we know that clients aren’t actually aware of the technology that we leverage to get such results so, our initial meetings are more consultative and mature than a simple sales pitch. We actually just want to explain how calls are made, how we get our data and how we will look after their brand.

We want to invite as many clients to meet our team as possible – we are called Air after all and we pride ourselves on our complete transparency. Like any industry, people have preconceptions based on past experiences and telesales still gets tarred with a broad brush. We are however proud to be one of the nicest and most productive. I know anyone could say that, but we are. If you don’t believe us come and see us, have the walk of the floor and experience the award-winning Air culture for yourself.

“I was absolutely blown away with how different the team were at Air Marketing Group compared to my own preconceptions of telesales. I am so glad that I went to see them, they are amazing!” CEO of an International Events PLC.

Opinion Piece – Simon Scott-Nelson, Sales Director

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