Myths of Resilience Webinar (Air Marketing x Sales Psyche)

“You need to be resilient”

We hear this on a regular basis in commercial roles, but it’s one thing saying it, and it’s another knowing how to be resilient and most importantly how to develop it. 

Our resilience is key to managing our mental wellbeing and being successful in our role; dealing with those knockbacks and failures. 

If you want to truly understand what it means to be resilient and how to build it, then tune in for the ‘Myths of Resilience’ webinar, hosted by Owen Richards (our Founder & CEO) and Chris Hatfield (Founder & Coach at Sales Psyche).


  • Hear about the 4 main myths of resilience that most people believe in
  • Learn how to challenge your self-talk and build resilience in challenging situations
  • Learn about the 3 types of failure and the importance of understanding them
  • Opinions and questions from the audience

Who is it for?
Managers and Reps in commercial SaaS/Tech roles

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