ON AIR: With Owen Episode 74 Featuring Alastair Banks – Co-Founder, Optix Solutions

Introducing our 74th episode of ON AIR: With Owen – our latest interview video series with honest conversation about scaling revenue, hosted by our Founder & CEO, Owen Richards.

Our 74th guest is Alastair Banks, Co-Founder at Optix Solutions. Alastair and Owen discuss personal brand – how any salesperson trying to drive new business can build a personal brand and use it to their advantage.

– An introduction to Alastair and Optix Solutions
– Why would an SDR/Account Executive/Head of Sales/Founder spend time building a personal brand, when they could be out selling?
– How long does it take to build a personal brand, and are there quick wins along the way
– For junior-mid level roles, how do you decide on a tone of voice for your personal brand?
– How do you decide on the right channels for your personal brand?
– What does good personal brand content look like?
– How to build and reach your target audience

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