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IT services provider with over 25 years of experience providing IT solutions for everything from small businesses to large multi-server organisations.

The client spotted our website and downloaded some of our helpful resources before subsequently reaching out to us after seeing one of our newsletters. They were looking for an experienced partner who could help elevate their digital, social, and thought leadership marketing and after consulting with another agency, Air Marketing was chosen to help them supercharge their online presence as well as finesse their sales and marketing strategy.


Having consulted with their key stakeholders, we built a bespoke marketing strategy for them from the ground up. This included:

  • A complete refresh of the website to ensure that it encapsulated their expertise and their years of experience in providing IT solutions for both high profile customers and small businesses alike
  • Producing case studies they could use to showcase their valuable work with clients and demonstrate their services to potential new ones
  • Creating a thorough blog content plan and producing the initial blogs to get them started
  • Implementing reporting on their website so that they were equipped to evaluate performance according to the metrics that were most important to them
  • Reviewing their CRM system, from which we were able to pinpoint pain points and suggest better processes that would enable them to engage successfully with prospects and help to convert them into qualified leads
  • Creating an email newsletter template to use going forward and providing advice on best email marketing practices
  • Producing gated content they could use as a lead magnet or added value resource for their clients
  • Creating bespoke sales sequencing and collateral materials including a sales presentation template and a compliance and process review
  • Providing a social selling workshop for the whole team as well as guiding the key stakeholders in thought leadership marketing on their professional social profiles

Our Response...

Marketing with a sales attitude

Our marketing with a sales attitude strategy perfectly harmonised with their goals to finesse both their online and offline communications as well as strengthen their lead generation processes. They were thrilled with the results of our website refresh which include:

  • A 181% m-o-m increase in website traffic after launching the new website – which saw a huge growth in all channels including organic, direct, referral and social.
  • An extremely low average monthly bounce rate of 24% – proving their website was reaching and engaging their target audience
  • An average of 3 pages browsed per session

Not only did we meet and exceed their expectations for their new website, but we were also able to fully equip them with a strong double-pronged strategy that equipped them with all the tools they’d need to pitch and market themselves successfully into the future!



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