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Joshua Jefferson

Head of business development - granter

Having worked with a number of providers throughout the years, the refreshingly honest and accurate assessments of what would we could expect in terms of ROI first brought us in. What has made us stay is the excellent service and collaboration that we see from the team as well as the ROI. I could not speak more highly of our Account Manager and SDR team and would thoroughly recommend Air Marketing to any business trying to get their outbound sales process up and running.


Granter is a start-up that specialises in R&D tax credits in the engineering, construction and manufacturing industries.

The business uses its experienced R&D experts and an innovative client portal to help businesses claim the tax credits they are entitled to. Businesses can save time and money submitting their request to Granter, saving an average of 80 hours of work per claim.


Our main point of contact at Granter worked with similar companies to Air Marketing in previous roles. This meant the business had a clear idea of what they wanted.

Granter wanted to work with a Sales Development Representative (SDR) who could grow their sales pipeline, introduce their business to new audiences and work as an extension of their sales team. The senior management team conducted six months of extensive research before reaching out to us, and decided to use our SDR services for two reasons.

Firstly, they were impressed with our ROI Calculator, that was completed with them during the sales process. This calculator allowed Granter to estimate their return on investment within the first twelve months of working with us. They found the calculator comprehensive and realistic, providing honest information about how their business could grow.

After all, as a start-up, it’s vital to make sure every penny of investment counts.

Secondly, we tailored our proposal towards their specific business and the industries they worked in, focusing on how they could appeal to prospective customers in the manufacturing and construction sector.

Other businesses had provided a more generic proposal; however, ours allowed them to visualise their success and how they could scale in the future.

Our Response...

Granter was keen to move quickly to capitalise on growth. This made a solid onboarding and set-up process critical to success.

The team at Granter found onboarding easy, being guided through the process by one of our experienced Account Managers. In addition, our SDRs were highly engaged in the training and content provided by Granter’s in-house sales team.

Constant contact was in place, with our team only a phone call or email away.

So far, our team’s hard work has led to 12 signed contracts that have been sent to prospective customers. As a result, Granter have seen a return on investment within three months, which is ahead of the initial ROI calculation.

Granter has said one of the reasons they enjoy working with us so much is that our team is easy to get on with. While lead generation is essential, it’s also critical to work well with your support team.

Despite only working together for a brief time, Granter is delighted with their experience with Air Marketing.

As a result, they plan to increase the number of our SDRs they use in the future.



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