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The team at Air Marketing ramped up vital capacity for our campaign and hit the ground running, delivering brilliant service and seamlessly supporting the spike in demand. Air really listen to us and translate that into meaningful conversations that deliver exceptional results.


Our client is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace that allows the public to lend money directly to small and medium-sized businesses; and one of the best-capitalised lending platforms globally and listed on the London Stock Exchange (Ticker: FCH) in October 2018.

To date, they have helped 90,000 small businesses around the world. Their backers collectively manage over $5 trillion and are the leading firms behind Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Betfair.

Our client is accredited by the Government-owned British Business Bank to provide loans under the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS).


In Spring 2020, after publicly announcing their CBILs accreditation, our client projected that they wouldn’t have enough capacity in-house to manage the inbound call peaks over the coming months due to demand caused by the pandemic.

To service their borrowers and deliver the new product, they had to re-structure their internal team to manage their sales funnel. This in turn impacted their inbound team at an integral time, just ahead of impending high call volumes from customers seeking finance in unprecedented challenging circumstances.

Our Response...

The inbound campaign:

In Spring 2020, our client reached out for support. We quickly formed an inbound team from a standing start to ensure their customers received an excellent experience regardless of the high demand. Within days, we mobilised a team of inbound agents (including some experienced outbound sales agents) to answer customer calls.

Our team delivered a premium level of service and navigated complex enquiries from often stressed and anxious business owners facing difficulties.  The team deftly handled everything from general customer queries, registering the customer for CBILS (once it was live) to signing the customers up to the scheme and helping our client with the initial process.

The outbound campaign:

As the CBILs demand eased, we’ve proved our versatility through pivoting to an outbound campaign and continuing to deliver above target. 

This campaign focused on contacting past customers to enquire whether there was a need for funding through the CBILS scheme. This later expanded into contacts familiar with our client’s brand but hadn’t previously received funding; we engaged them in an open conversation about the CBILS Scheme to determine whether they qualified. This conversation required sensitivity and the ability to educate and reassure the customer. Team Air needed to understand the pandemic’s impact on the customer’s business and their funding needs for their future growth plans coming out of lockdown.

Our team then completed the eligibility and first stage of the application with the customer, informing them of the follow-up process before passing the lead over to the client’s sales team.



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