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Air has proved a valuable extension of our in-house team, they were really committed to understanding how we work and how our service benefits our customers; which completely comes across in how they have helped grow our brand awareness and customer base in just a few short months. I would highly recommend.


Our client is a leading marketing automation developer whose content marketing planning tool puts everything in one place. 

Making creating, scheduling, and posting an easier ride for the entire team. Since 2016, they have grown to a team of 25 and their content marketing tools are now used by thousands of customers, including global brands such as WPP, Royal Mail, Dentsu Aegis and many others.


Our client reached out because they needed additional resource to bring in new customers. They didn’t have the resource internally to make sure that every visitor to their site was contacted which meant that potential business was slipping through the cracks.

With their in-house team extremely busy with client projects, this campaign gave them some valuable headspace along with the assurance of an outsourced partner focused on generating leads.

Our Response...

We worked as an extension of our client, contacting recent website visitors who had signed up for a 14-day free trial with the aim of booking web demos. Our team reached out to prospects 24 hours after they signed up for the trial, with the aim of persuading them to book a web demo, which provided an opportunity to upsell the full platform.

In a world of automation, customers really appreciated a human conversation to give them a better understanding of their free trial and how we could maximise their use from this with a Web Demo. This also provided our client with valuable market research to find out what their customers really want and what they like. When this all happens online, you have less visibility and understanding into why someone signs up or decides not to sign up. This provided key feedback of what their customers prioritised and what made them different to the competition.

This approach led to many engaging conversations and achieved almost £30k of MRR.



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