Tiffany Bale

Marketing Manager

“Air Marketing have supported us with our HubSpot journey right from the beginning, making sure it was the right tech for us, through to implementation and utilisation. Their bespoke approach to the HubSpot onboarding meant that we could work at the pace that suited us, working around an imminent new brand and website launch, yet still getting HubSpot setup for quick and longer term wins. The addition of training for our wider team and them liaising directly with HubSpot Tech Support on any niche/highly technical questions added huge value to us.”

Olympus Power

Olympus Power are renewable energy experts based locally to us in Exeter that have specialised in helping businesses to eliminate carbon emissions since 1979.

They create bespoke solutions by designing, building and installing technology that helps companies get closer to net zero whilst cutting energy use and saving them money at the same time.

Olympus Power came to us looking for expert help in onboarding their internal team with HubSpot, as well as teaching them how to implement this powerful CRM in the best way to suit the businesses’ processes and goals. Being an existing client, they were aware of our HubSpot Gold Partner status and knew we were the right team for the task at hand!


We got to work immediately, setting up Olympus Power’s HubSpot from a technical standpoint and building out their portal to make it as efficient for the internal team to use as possible. As part of this we also conducted training sessions with the Sales and Operations team, equipping them with the skills needed to utilise the HubSpot platform and all of its beneficial features to enhance the customer journey and touchpoints. We worked on a weekly basis with their Marketing Manager to create automations, bespoke dashboards and implement any new components they needed based on the team’s needs and feedback. Air Marketing were also a helpful liaison between HubSpot’s own Technical Team and Olympus Power’s Marketing Manager for any very specific technical queries that arose.

We used our expertise to support Olympus Power in planning for quick win activity they could implement right there and then within their shiny new HubSpot portal, as well as advising on longer term campaigns that would help them to make their customer’s journeys more satisfying, meaningful and effective in driving return on investment.

Our Response...

With their data seamlessly migrated over from their previous CRM system, their bespoke HubSpot build is up and running and their initial campaigns executed. Olympus Power are very happy with the visibility their setup now provides them. Their custom dashboards and automations implemented they are able to gain valuable insight into their campaigns and their effectiveness both at a glance and more in depth!

This coupled with the training provided by our team has given the internal Sales and Operations team the confidence to use and leverage HubSpot to their advantage.



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