Michael Payne, Director, Performance Climate System Ltd

“When we met the Air Marketing team, we felt like they really understood our business, understood what it was, where we needed to go and they gave some advice and recommendations very early on which we were very impressed with. Air Marketing helped us to focus on the areas of greatest effect in a very short space of time. They understand the product so well we are quite confident to allow the team to draft a lot of our regular communications and push it out more widely.”


Performance Climate System Limited (PCSL) formed in 2017 with the mission of improving wellbeing and performance in workplaces around the globe, using their market-leading consulting tool to measure team climate and the associated impact on team productivity and performance.

PCSL was seeking a marketing and social media strategy that would drive prospects to their website. Alongside this they wanted to create engaging strategies focused on enlarging their PCSL Practitioners pool, with the ultimate aim of positioning their offer as the Practitioner’s tool of choice.

PCSL also wanted to build their Strategic Partners and build advocacy around their tool, as this had proved to be a low time investment, high return strategy.


A whole new approach  

Performance Climate System Limited sought guidance to help deliver its vision. Having already established their target audience and required targets, PCSL worked with us to define an 8-month strategy for both marketing and social media. We suggested strategies that would support the PCS tool’s sales pipeline by intriguing and nurturing potential Practitioners and Strategic Partners. These plans included:

  • Email marketing: including tactical and on-going email campaigns to both Practitioners and Strategic Partners and quarterly newsletters.
  • The formation of LinkedIn groups for active Practitioners.
  • Monthly curated and creative content for the PCS website and social media platforms.

Our Response...

Primed for future success

During the 8-month strategy, every month, we consistently produced high-quality social media and marketing, engaging PCSL’s Practitioners and Strategic Partners. The launch of both strategies saw an immediate increase in web traffic, which continued to rise steadily after the inception of the campaigns. 

Performance Climate Systems Limited saw real value from engaging with the Air team. Working with Air Marketing they built a solid foundation on which to further develop their marketing strategy.   



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