Michael Payne

Director - Performance Climate System

“We were really impressed with Air’s professionalism and the guidance they gave us in the early stages so there was no doubt really that they were the right guys for us to use. We have had income opportunities that have occurred as a result of the phone calls and the connection that Air have managed to make to our client base.”


Performance Climate System is a tool which enables organisations to manage their human capital and deliver business results through evaluating and identifying gaps in perception, between leadership and team members.

It highlights any potential areas of conflict, disconnect, misalignment or miscommunication, and demonstrates to leaders where they need to focus more effort to improve the climate in their business and ultimately their business performance.


PCS needed to gain feedback from their Practitioners around the new PCS e-learning platform. They wanted greater insight into how Practitioners planned to implement the tool with their clients. They had previously emailed their practitioner list with information about the new e-learning tool and now needed outsourced assistance to complete follow-up calls and insight gathering.

Our Response...

PCS chose to engage with Air to help them with this project.  Air built a strategy around asking open questions to the PCS Practitioners to obtain the feedback on the PCS tool. This feedback would allow PCS to assess the tool and e-learning platform   and help the Practitioners get the most out of the tool if they were yet to engage with it.

We worked closely with the Directors of PCS to ensure that we undertook clear market research for them. As a direct result of the Air campaign, PCS saw an additional uplift in income from their key group of practitioners thanks to them being contacted and reminded of the benefits of the PCS tool.



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