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Hairdressers Industry Avg. 20%
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Restaurants Industry Avg. 20%

Mattia Esposito

COO, Rehegoo Music Group

“The team at Air really had a good idea of what we needed as a brand, and how to develop our sales strategy. Great experience working with them!”


Rehegoo is a globally recognised music publisher and record label, and they are number 1 in the world for Relaxation/New Age music.

They responded to a clear market need by creating a platform on which businesses could access royalty-free background music from the Rehegoo label, with a subscription fee covering their license to play the music in their business venues.

They wanted to increase their customer base and required a lead generation campaign to gain new customers in 3 key industries: Hairdressers, Health and Beauty/Spas and Restaurants.


Air Marketing sales services was selected to conduct the lead generation campaign for Rehegoo. During the sales discovery process, Air discovered that Rehegoo could benefit from testing an email send before calling, which was likely to increase engagement rates.

Sending an introduction email before the outbound dialling begins provides a softer opening for the first conversation with prospects over the phone – previous experience indicated this leads to a higher contact rate across many industries. We agreed to test half of the data to provide clear evidence on how this worked for Rehegoo. We reviewed and organised the data purchased for the campaign into the 3 segmented industries. To provide as much test data for Rehegoo as possible, the team then split and further tested plain text and HTML designed emails to each industry. The copy for these emails was edited and agreed upon between the client and the team; they were built, set-up, and sent by marketing services.

Our Response...

An incredible impact on contact rates across the board

Our team’s emails were highly effective in boosting the contact rate for the lead generation team within Air. The data shows that those in the 50% who received an email before calling were more engaged with the Air team’s diallers. In fact, those that received an email before calling had a 20% higher contact rate than those who did not, a significant contributing success factor for a lead generation sales campaign.

A breakdown of each segment was as follows:


Cold call only: 8.84%
With email: 10.37%

Health & Beauty

Cold call only: 12.85%
With email: 15.7%


Cold call only: 9%
With email: 10.54%

From the A/B testing of HTML and plain text emails, we gathered more detailed data for Rehegoo by optimising the results based on industry preference.

The results saw open rates which exceeded the industry average across all campaigns can be found in the highlights section.

This email campaign tested and proved the concept of pre-call emails for Rehegoo and demonstrated the power of sending an introduction email before calling.

With prospects already in the awareness stage of the pipeline, we were able to provide Air’s team with leads that could be more readily converted into sales opportunities for Rehegoo, enhancing the campaign’s success.



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