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Renewable Energy Developer

Renewable energy developer

Working with Air has been a revelation, their team really quickly got up to speed with our offer and they were able to expertly sell the benefits to the key decision-makers we need to reach. The results have been great and we can focus our efforts on converting new business safe in the knowledge that Air’s team are building our pipeline.


Our client is a renewable energy developer focused on reducing carbon footprint in the UK; they advise on and invest in energy generation projects that reduce emissions and also reduce annual expenses for clients.

They provide an array of energy-saving and green energy services to their clients, specialising in biomass, solar and hydro projects.


The client approached the Air Marketing team to help them secure appointments for their Power Purchase Agreement Service (PPA).

PPA is a service where they install solar panels on large commercial roofs, delivering a much lower energy cost and substantial reduction of greenhouse emissions for the building owners and landlords whilst developing the building’s unused rooftop space into an energy-saving asset.

They wanted to target large multinationals and needed a strategy that would convince decision-makers in their target market to book a consultation.

Our Response...

We provided a team of sales experts and worked to create a strategy and an approach that would open doors for our client, clearly sell the PPA agreement’s benefits and the switch to solar.

Our approach resulted in many valuable opportunities from major national brands in the food production, retail and automotive sectors; reaching 329 decision makers and resulting in 75 key appointments in their diaries.



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