Tax compliance experts


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Tax compliance experts

Tax compliance experts

Air’s team have a been a really valuable resource to us at a challenging time, helping us seize a valuable opportunity and grow our market share beyond our initial targets. We’ve now established a profitable outbound channel that’s set to grow thanks to their team’s expert handling of complex issues and ability to instil confidence and pivot to meaningful conversations with prospective customers.


Our client helps all types of businesses become tax compliant, including VAT, sales and use, excise, communications, and other tax types and offers more than 500 pre-built connectors into leading accounting, ERP, eCommerce and other business applications. 

Yearly, they process billions of indirect tax transactions, file hundreds of thousands of tax compliance documents and tax returns and manage millions of exemption certificates and other compliance-related documents.


Our client employs a team of internal SDRs who are experts at handling their inbound leads but lacked time to focus on outbound leads.

They engaged with Air Marketing to help them build the right processes and start getting the traction and results they want to see with outbound leads to establish a profitable outbound channel. 

Our Response...

The initial campaign was focused on the Brexit deadline, targeting eCommerce retailers who sell into Europe and discovering if they were ‘Brexit ready’ or may require our client’s expertise to manage the changes.

This required Air’s team to understand the relevant VAT rules, legalisation changes and understanding how our clients worked with their end-users to handle these challenges.

Team Air immersed themselves in the client’s market and brand. We exceeded the targets and KPIs set out at the start of the campaign and had meaningful conversations that have converted into valuable opportunities far beyond initial expectations. 

We have achieved 172% of the target cash flow forecast in leads passed over to the client’s team. This campaign has provided a strong foundation for our client to establish an outbound channel with all the hallmarks of profitability and future success. 

Now we have successfully established the outbound strategy; we have since been able to scale and target new regions, including other countries across the EMEA,  with our Sister Company Forrest Marketing Group managing the APAC delivery for a truly global reach.



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