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VeriSmart Heating

Louise Broom

Director - VeriSmart Heating

“We engaged Air Marketing Group to assist us in securing face-to-face appointments with key decision makers of businesses in related industries.  Air has certainly helped open doors for VeriSmart Heating which weren’t open before. We have no reservations in recommending Air for their excellent business support delivery.”


VeriSmart heating is a UK-based company supplying energy-efficient electric radiators.

They help to reduce energy bills with their wide range of radiators, offering programmable heating for homes.


VeriSmart didn’t have a sales team and needed to generate new business opportunities. Recruiting and building a new sales function would take a huge amount of time, investment and resources, and VeriSmart needed to build pipeline at pace. VeriSmart were looking for a way to outsource their business development processes to free up their valuable time and resources, and bring in genuine opportunities very likely to convert.

Our Response...

We proposed an appointment setting campaign, sourcing prospects and leads amongst tradesman and contractors with ongoing or upcoming projects. This would provide VeriSmart with face-to-face appointments and sales meetings, giving their Directors opportunities to generate new sales for the business and convey the benefits of their range of products.