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Further Opps

VeriSmart heating is a UK-based company who supplies energy-efficient electric radiators. They help to reduce energy bills with their wide range of radiators, offering programmable heating for homes.

The Challenge

VeriSmart didn’t have a sales team, yet were in need of generating more sales opportunities for the company. Recruiting a brand new team would take a huge amount of time, money and resource, which wasn’t something the company could invest in nor did they have the time to do it.

VeriSmart were looking for a way to outsource their business development processes that would take up a very limited amount of their time and resource, yet brought genuine opportunities which are likely to convert.

Air Marketing Group's Solution

Air proposed an appointment setting campaign which would provide VeriSmart with face to face appointments/sales meetings, giving them the opportunities they needed to generate new sales for the business.

Air would speak with the right audience to book meetings which would lay the platform for VeriSmart’s directors to begin offering and informing of their range of products.


The team at Air Marketing Group would source hot prospects and leads amongst builders and electrical/mechanical contractors, more specifically, those who had ongoing or upcoming projects.

Results and Leads Generated

At the time this case study was written, the campaign had seen the following results:

• 136 hours of calling completed

• Average of 14.9 calls per hour

• 480 conversations with decision makers

• 5.6% conversion rate (percentage of businesses spoken to where a meeting has been generated)

• 27 appointments generated so far

• 106 potential further opportunities (those who we had not booked an appointment for but were still interested)

We engaged Air Marketing Group to assist us in securing face-to-face appointments with key decision makers of businesses in related industries. Marco Alfano-Rogers was assigned to us as our project manager, supported by Ashley Heyworth as our agent on the phones.Air was very receptive to the training schedule we offered and quickly demonstrated a sound knowledge of our business. Within the first week, Ashley was able to get some quality appointments on the board. He and the team have maintained a good hit rate over the campaign so far.Air has certainly helped open doors for VeriSmart Heating which weren’t open before. We have no reservations in recommending Air for their excellent business support delivery.

Louise Broom, Director - VeriSmart Heating