Why run a Demand Generation campaign?

Demand Generation is built to attract the right target audience for your business, using a range of relevant strategies including inbound and direct marketing. From attraction, engagement tactics are then used to develop a pipeline of marketing qualified key prospects, who are nurtured for the long term until they are at a stage for sales to start a conversation. We understand that prospects are often at different stages in the sales journey, so our targeted marketing activity is designed to attract, warm and engage leads, pushing them through from unaware to the end goal, sales.

Sales Professionals

Sales teams find themselves constantly under pressure to seek out new opportunities, develop their pipeline and convert sales qualified leads into new customers. But what do you prioritise in your workload?
Demand Generation delivers warm, marketing qualified leads (MQLs) directly to the sales team, allowing the team to spend more time working on converting warm leads, rather than just prospecting cold leads.

Marketing Professionals

There is so much to be done by a marketing team and with restricted budgets and resources it’s hard to be everything to everyone.
Demand Generation bridges the gap between sales and marketing, delivering leads that your sales team crave whilst also building your brand within the market. A Demand Generation strategy focuses on drawing in MQLs to your business who are already engaged with your brand.

Business Owners

Business Owners ultimately want to increase revenue and profitability in the most efficient manner but are often time poor and a central resource for many different individuals within the business.
Demand Generation is a measurable strategy to invest in which will have an impact on both your marketing and sales departments. With the aim being to drive leads into the business to make an impact on your revenue possibilities.

It’s easy to get started

Using our targeted Demand Generation process, we’ve operated and designed numerous campaigns across a range of industries.

Tailored Campaigns

We understand how important having a strong sales pipeline is. All our campaigns use bespoke Demand Generation strategies and are tailored to meet the individual requirements of your business.

Transparent Reporting

We’ll only ever provide you with marketing qualified leads that meet your specified criteria.
With our transparent reporting service, and weekly reports, you can be confident that the leads we’ve secured will build a strong pipeline.

  • Air is a professional agency who gives a quick view of the market and sales.
    Ben Uiterwijk, Channel Marketing Manager Residential retail - Somfy Northern Europe

    Case Studies
  • The partnership between Air and Beco has developed from the pilot campaign to a continued relationship. Air has become the main sales lead generators for Beco and it continues to build so now there are brighter sky’s ahead for Beco.
    Vanessa Zalman, General Manager - Beco Energy Limited

    Case Studies
  • We met the Air Team and we were really impressed with their professionalism and the guidance they gave us in the early stages so there was no doubt really that they were the right guys for us to use.We have had income opportunities that have occurred as a result of the phone calls and the connection that Air have managed to make to our client base.
    Michael Payne, Director - Performance Climate System

    Case Studies
  • The experience was fantastic, for someone like me who places a strong emphasis on the numbers, because [Air] were reporting back; the team were coming back to us with information, statistics [and] quantifying what was going on along the journey and that made it more measurable.
    Jon Davey, Sales & Marketing Director - Winning Tenders

    Case Studies
  • I felt Air went above and beyond and this completely settled any concerns I had initially.
    Justin Elliott, Managing Director - Leads to You

    Case Studies
  • Our results since working with Air have been really, really good. We have generated literally millions of pounds worth of new loans to new customers. We have done it profitably the whole way through each year and we have also been able to reach those customers that just don't respond to any other of our marketing channels.
    Aidan Pilgrim, Manager of Outbound Sales - Funding Circle

    Case Studies
  • Air has certainly helped open doors for VeriSmart Heating which weren’t open before. We have no reservations in recommending Air for their excellent business support delivery.
    Louise Broom, Director - VeriSmart Heating

    Case Studies
  • Air not only understood Soft Egg as a brand but also our customer base. We were impressed with the quality of appointments, the reporting, and the visibility we got from their online portal.
    Ed Hyde, Soft Egg

    Case Studies
  • Air went out of their way to help us understand our products better and how we could best impact on our customers.
    Tim Keehner, Director - Two Bald Blokes.

    Case Studies
  • Air adapted to the Bermuda market and their ability to tailor the campaign has produced great results.
    Jason Dixon, Managing Director - Oxygen

    Case Studies
  • You won’t know until you try but personally, I think you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from working with Air Marketing Group.
    Georgie Mann, Director – Green Hat People.

    Case Studies
  • Using Air has taken the pressure off us to make outbound calls internally and has given us time back, allowing us to focus on our customers.
    Elliott Myatt, Director – Play Area Hygiene Services

    Case Studies
  • Air find genuine sales opportunities and set high quality appointments that are well scheduled with excellent route planning for our travel across a large geographical area.
    Mark Wainwright, Gold Star Soft Drinks

    Case Studies
  • I would highly recommend Air Marketing to any other businesses that are looking to grow their presence in the United Kingdom.
    Louise Moule, Marketing Director - Cammy

    Case Studies