Alex Burgess B&W

Alex Burgess

Account Director

A little bit of background info:

I’ve been working across a plethora of industries and within sales for 10+ years, starting on the coal face and working my way to where I am now. This has given me a perspective of what is needed to get the sale over the line and the wisdom to know how to strategically plan out a successful campaign. I’m a big sports fan, I won’t say who I support and what sports as we will likely have a rivalry. I am also very active, be that playing football, climbing and there may be a little history of dance.

A little bit about your current role:

As Account Director, my role is to build and manage relationships with my portfolio of clients, holding ultimate responsibility for the strategic direction, growth and success of their campaigns. I’m responsible for planning and leading client review meetings, maintaining a proactive and analytical attitude to each account to ensure that all opportunities are being maximised, whilst driving the delivery team to deliver the best possible outcomes. My ultimate objective is to deliver continuous revenue growth from my retained accounts.