Jo Marshall

Jo Marshall

Quality Assurance Manager

A little bit of background information:

My Career started as a 16 year old working in a travel agents on a Youth Training Scheme, as it was back then, a whole £45 per week salary! I quickly worked my way up through the ranks and by age 19 I was running 2 large branches of a travel agents in the middle of a City Centre, where I stayed for 10 years. Following this, I worked for a large home appliance company in a consumer affairs role, before shortly returning back to the world of sales in a range of BDE, BDM and Quality Assurance roles.

A little bit about your current role:

As a Quality Assurance Manager in sales, I am accountable for establishing and upholding quality standards, continuously monitoring sales activities, and offering constructive feedback and coaching to sales representatives. My primary objective is to enhance the overall quality of sales operations, ensuring that sales processes and activities meet established standards and play a pivotal role in contributing to the success of the sales department and the organisation as a whole.

I firmly believe that investing in the growth and development of our sales force is essential for achieving and exceeding our objectives.