A day in the life of a Campaign Manager

Air Marketing Group’s Campaign Managers make sure that our client’s campaigns are running as they should be, as well as advising them on what’s best for optimal return on investment.

The role is of utmost importance to client campaigns and we believe in transparency, so we thought we’d delve in to a typical day for a Campaign Manager to show what goes on behind the scenes.


  • Review the previous day’s results
    We’ll go over what happened the day before, checking what worked, and what didn’t. This gives us a good idea of what advice to give business development executives on the calls for the day.
  • Catch up with clients
    We’ll check in with clients, to give them an update on what’s happening with their campaign. This includes meetings, suggestions on calls and discussions around the success of the data.

Midday/Early Afternoon

  • Making Calls
    By this point, the campaign manager would have made several calls on their dedicated campaign. We know that although call rates are significant, quality conversations are just as important.
  • Make Sales/Book Appointments
    During call times, and dependent on the nature of the campaign, we’ll make sales for our clients and book appointments for sales teams.
  • Listen to the Team and Coach/Train
    We’ll listen to members of the team on our specified accounts, ensure that all calls made are of a high quality standard and tailored to the product or service being promoted.


  • Make Suggested Improvements
    We’ll speak to both the client and the team members who are on the phone for certain campaigns. Suggested improvements will be given to both, advising on what areas of the campaign can be developed to achieve better outcomes.
  • Update on Results
    We’ll also update the client on the results of the campaign, giving them information on appointments/sales made, checking they are able to see stats in their portal, and taking on feedback they may have for us.

If you’re thinking of running a campaign with us, or would like to find out more about how our campaigns work, you can contact us on 0345 241 3038 or email our team.

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