Trust-based sales – Why it’s all about the relationship

According to Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy, we judge individuals on two things before anything else. Firstly, we ask – can we trust this person? And secondly, can we respect them?

Although this is based on life in general, the same theory applies to sales and more specifically, sales relationships. We, as sales professionals, are looking for both trust and respect, to build long lasting and sustainable relationships with both our prospects and customers.

Relationships in the world of sales are incredibly important. With no relationship and no trust, you won’t end up selling much at all.

What do we mean by trust-based selling?

When we talk about selling that’s trust based, we’re talking about dropping the hard-hitting sell. It’s more about understanding prospects and what they need by staying open and transparent.  It’ also about saving the sell until after you’ve found that your products or services could be a good fit for your prospect.

This type of mind set means you think differently about selling, by building trust and teaching yourself to recognise the elements of selling that enhances this to build better relationships.

What can we do to build these types of relationships?

One of the most straight forward tips we can give you, and unfortunately one that some sales professionals still forget – listen, and listen well. Don’t talk over people or tell them what they need, not only is it impolite, you won’t learn anything about them.

Furthermore, accepting that it’s not right to sell to everyone will go a long way. Make your job to uncover a need or a fit and if you can’t find one, refrain from pitching your products and services unnecessarily.

You’ll earn trust and respect giving you a better chance when the time is right and when a need does arise.

Prompt responses and regular communication also helps to build great relationships. Here at Air Marketing Group we ensure consistent contact with both our clients and prospects. By doing so, it allows us to understand their situation in greater detail, from which we can focus how our solutions fit them.

What it all really boils down to is being personable. Show interest, be sociable, ask about them and never forget honesty throughout the whole process. It seems basic, but avoiding these simple traits can be detrimental.

And again, ignoring them and what they’re saying doesn’t give you a two-way conversation and shows you aren’t in being open or transparent with the individuals you’re talking to.

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