Sales appointments: Quality over quantity

Any great sales professional will tell you that they would rather have one great appointment, than 10 terrible meetings.

There is the argument that it costs to generate those leads so each and every one should be attended to in the same way, regardless of the quality.

But, should we be spending even more time (and money) on B2B appointments that just aren’t worth it?

In our opinion, it’s best to choose quality over quantity every time.

There is a huge difference between obtaining a lead, and obtaining a good lead. It’s important for you to spend time focussing on the difference between what you would cast as a good lead for your company, and what isn’t.

Ask questions

You can ask quality questions to understand how much you really know about that lead, and whether the appointment is worth your sales agent spending time on.

These B2B quality checking questions can include:

– Is there a real need?
– What makes this need important at this time?
– Are we meeting with the right individuals? I.e. are they the decision maker?
– What problem is our solution answering?

Know your criteria

On top of questions, set a criterion that adheres to your specific audience, or prospect criteria that tends to convert.

This could be down to a company size, a type of operation, industry type and more. The more in depth you are and the better the understanding you have of your ideal customer type, the better the quality checking will be when checking appointments against said criteria.

With these processes in place, you’ll have a sales diary full of well-qualified appointments that really are worth your sales agents’ time.

Air’s B2B Appointment Setting

Appointment setting campaigns with Air Marketing Group look to provide you with meetings that bring you together with your ideal target audience.

Our rigorous quality checking process ensures that every single appointment is suited to the criteria that you’ve set in your campaign strategy.

We say this time and time again; we won’t provide you with an appointment if it isn’t quality and does not present the potential opportunity to convert.

Want to find out more? Contact us today by getting in touch or calling 0345 241 3038.

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