Phone appointments vs face to face: Which is better?


Sales appointments are a crucial part of a sales person’s day. They give you the opportunity to build a relationship and try to encourage a prospect closer to the point of sale.

Which is why it’s important to get them right and make good use of the time you have.

How does your team work? Do you prefer phone appointments or do you ensure that each and every meeting is done in person?

We’ve booked thousands of appointments for different industries, both over the phone and face to face, so based on our experience, we look at the benefits of why meeting someone in person might just be the better option.

A chance to be personable

If you’re face to face with someone in a discussion, you can be much more personable. And, according to Mehrabian’s Communication Theory, over 50% of our communication is non-verbal.

With face to face communication, you’re able to make eye contact and the manner in which you present yourself can be clear.

Additionally, if something’s much more personal, you’re more likely to connect with the prospect on a better level, making it easier to gain your prospect’s trust and build rapport.

Read emotion and body language

Although you can pick up on the tone of voice over the phone, you aren’t able to read body language or understand fully the emotion in their reaction to your questions or conversation. It’s far easier to pick the right thing to say next when you can see someone.

More time to show value

It’s easy to put down the phone or hurry to end a call, but with a meeting, you’ve got more time to give due to the fact that you’re already the meeting or office, and you’ve got the prospects full attention.

Guaranteed attention

When talking to someone on the phone, it’s very common for people to be looking at LinkedIn or checking out emails whilst they talk with you, meaning there’s less chance of your message being received.

Encourages participation

If you’re sat in a room with another individual or a group of you, the situation encourages all involved to fully participate.

There’s also an argument that relationships built face to face have a stronger element of trust, which, from what we’ve seen in the past, tends to be factual.

One true benefit of phone appointments is that you have more time to fit several into a day, rather than travelling to a face to face meeting at a company office.

However, we see a large number of phone appointments ignored, missed, or just forgotten about – purely because it’s easier to do this with a conference call. You may be reducing time out of the office, but you’re risking the quality. So, we encourage face to face meetings for all reasons mentioned above.

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