Why telemarketing should be part of your 2018 sales strategy

At the start of the New Year, many of us take the opportunity to re-evaluate our business processes and sales strategies.

When you’re putting together your sales strategy for 2018, telemarketing is definitely something you should consider. With so many new technologies and tools available, it’s easy to overlook the traditional telemarketing approach, but taking this route can play a significant role in your sales strategy. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing forms of direct marketing today.

Here are 8 reasons why telemarketing should be part of your 2018 strategy:

It’s cost-effective

Telemarketing can be a cost-effective method of selling your business, particularly in comparison to other sales methods. Although there is a common theory that it’s expensive and that costs within telemarketing aren’t easy to control, it actually provides a seriously powerful return on investment. After all, what more should you expect from a marketing channel that connects with individual prospects one on one?

We speak more about the cost of hiring in-house versus outsourcing here.

It’s convenient

Telemarketing is a convenient sales tool, for both you and your customers. This allows you to bring your product or service directly to them, without having to travel and take on the expenses involved.

Unlike other sales strategies, such as email and direct marketing, your customers will be able to ask questions directly and have an immediate conversation, rather than waiting around for replies.

It’s versatile

Telemarketing can be used within a whole host of sales applications. Ranging from appointment setting, lead generation, and follow up, right through to event promotions, re-activation, and market research – telemarketing is incredibly versatile.

Immediate contact

Unlike other methods of contact, the telephone is immediate and attention-grabbing. With technology today your potential customers are available almost 24/7.

High conversion rates

When implemented correctly, telemarketing is known to deliver high conversion rates, particularly of course where there is a focus on quality rather than quantity.

On-going engagement

As well as reaching out to new leads, telemarketing is also a great way to engage with existing customers. Staying in contact with your customers gives you an opportunity to find out more about their needs and build a better, on-going relationship with them, whilst also allowing you to upsell other products and services that they might benefit from.

Expand your business

A further advantage of telemarketing is that it allows you to expand your business by selling to customers in other areas, both locally and nationally. Opportunities to expand are therefore endless, giving you a chance to hone in on your target audience, whatever the area.
Immediate feedback

Telemarketing allows you to obtain instant feedback from your customers about your product or service. This, in turn, allows you to immediately start working on ways to improve your business.

As well as being a great sales tool, telemarketing is also an ideal way to ask your customers if there is anything else that you can be doing for them.

So, there you have it, 8 valuable reasons why telemarketing should be part of your sales strategy in 2018.

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