Air Partnership Programme

Earlier this year we rolled out our Partnership Programme and are thrilled to already have a growing list of partners working alongside us, including local businesses as well as those further afield.

Our Partnership Programme aims to be a 2-way street, where both our partners and their clients benefit from our combined networks, reaching business that they may not have had access to before entering a partnership with Air.

The rewards are simple really. We are asking you to be open to wider opportunities and in return, we’ll provide you with an additional revenue stream. By referring Air to your clients and wider network, you’ll get a financial reward in turn when they sign up to work with us – easy.

In addition to the financial benefit, we will also help to promote your brand through our social media channels and by promoting you as a partner on our website.

Heading up our Partnership Programme is Anne Benham-Clarke. Anne has been working at Air for almost two years now and has quickly progressed, beginning her Air journey as a Business Development Executive she progressed into an Account Executive role and now Partnership Relationship Manager. With 25 years of sales, marketing and business development experience behind her, in a wide range of industries and business sizes, she is very experienced in liaising with organisations to help them grow their connections and, in turn, their business. In fact, developing relationships is the key thing that Anne knows how to do best.

“As the Partnership Relationship Manager for Air, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to build new relationships with likeminded businesses. We want to make sure that we thank Partners who talk about us and help our business to grow and in turn, help those in their network and customer base to grow their business.  Please contact me to find out more about becoming an Air Partner, I’d love to hear from you.” – Anne Benham-Clarke, Partnership Relationship Manager, Air Marketing Group

If you’re looking to grow your network or feel that you have clients who could benefit from our services and are looking for a simple way of creating an additional revenue stream, get in touch. Call 0345 241 3038 or email

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