Do I need an outsourced sales team?

Outsourcing your sales team can be an efficient and effective method for you to increase leads and sales opportunities, therefore aiding the growth of your business, without incurring the costs and time restraint demands that arise when on-boarding a team of full-time sales reps in-house. Outsourced sales are nothing new. However, companies are often still dubious when it comes to handing over a pivotal part of their business to an external party. It seems that there’ll be an everlasting debate – to outsource or hire in-house.

So, why might you need an outsourced sales team?

  • Accelerated sales growth: Whilst your business is growing, or looking to expand further if established, you may not have the capacity in-house to deal with the flow of leads coming in or the time to outbound sell to new prospects. A dedicated outsourced sales team will take this weight off of your shoulders and allow you to accelerate your sales pipeline.
  • Immediate access to sales expertise: Recruiting and on-boarding local talent is costly and often a time-consuming process, even once you have formed an in-house sales team, training each individual will be a lengthy process. When outsourcing a sales team, you will already have the raw talent there, with diallers who know what quality calls look like, it is just a matter of building their knowledge of your business and moulding their talent to fit around your product or service.
  • Lower risk and overheads: Outsourced sales teams are used to working on multiple campaigns and picking up the intricacies of various campaigns swiftly. By working with experienced outsourced sales teams, you will be putting your sales into reliable hands, avoiding errors and reducing the on-going costs of in-house employees.
  • Efficiency: For new business or those looking to launch a new product or service perhaps to a new market or industry, your management team will be putting much of their efforts into product development and marketing. By outsourcing to an experienced team, who have the time to dedicate to sales, you can focus on growth or launching your new campaign.

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