ON AIR: With Owen Featuring Anthony Parker – General Manager EMEA, MindTickle


Introducing our 10th episode of ON AIR: With Owen – our latest interview video series with honest conversation about scaling revenue, hosted by our Founder & CEO, Owen Richards.

Our 10th guest is Anthony Parker, General Manager – EMEA at MindTickle and Sales Performance Coach at Replayz

Owen and Anthony discuss why sales reps should take responsibility and ownership of their own training, development and career progression. Including: 

  • Why we encourage that mindset 
  • Why it should be a personal choice to consume content outside of work 
  • As an organisation, whether you can tell your employees to do this outside of work 
  • How much an organisation’s learning culture has an impact on an individual’s desire to do this in their own time 
  • The role that it plays in the interview process 
  • Where Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and Account Executives (AEs) should be going to consume content 
  • How consuming content adds another level of value to your organisation

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