Sales Planning & Hiring Checklist

Over the next 12 months, we will be exploring different topics within our annual theme of ‘setting up an outbound sales team’. The first topic we will be exploring is ‘planning and hiring’ – the first step to creating an outbound sales function.

Whether you’re a Founder looking to make your first sales hire, or you’re a sales/revenue leader looking to grow your existing team, it’s important to have a robust plan in place that will help you hire the right person.

We understand recruiting sales professionals takes time and resources, looking through CVs, interviewing potential candidates and training successful candidates. Hiring a candidate without proper planning could put you back to square one, losing all the time and resources you had dedicated previously.

To help you make your first or next sales hire successful, we have developed the ‘Sales Planning & Hiring Checklist’ that consists of 23 questions you need to be asking yourself if you’re thinking about planning and hiring for your sales team.

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