ON AIR: With Owen Episode 46 Featuring Will Koning – Founder & CEO at SaaSLeads.io

Introducing our 46th episode of ON AIR: With Owen – our latest interview video series with honest conversation about scaling revenue, hosted by our Founder & CEO, Owen Richards.

Our 46th guest is Will Koning, Founder & CEO at SaaSLeads.io. Owen and Will talk about the notion of outsourcing your SDRs vs. building an inhouse sales team, and when is the right time to leverage both.

– Recognizing when to run an SDR function externally, and when to hire internally
– The likenesses and the differences in the journeys of both
– An overview of the challenges in the current climate of hiring talented SDRs
– How to solve a talent attraction challenge for a smaller businesses
– How to solve a talent retention issue for larger businesses
– How to keep your talent engaged to ultimately drive pipeline and revenue
– The importance of sales and marketing alignment in order to grow revenue
– Getting through to key stakeholders and managing expectations
– How solving your pipeline challenge leads to fixing your revenue problem.

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