LIVE Event: The Great Sales Debate – Quality Vs. Quantity

Sometimes the recipe for a good discussion is to simply pick an important topic, invite a few experienced people who disagree with each other, and then sit back and listen… ….so that’s exactly what we’re doing!

We are excited to announce our latest live event series of 2022: The Great Sales Debate. Watch as we bring together some of the top sales and revenue leaders from around the world, to argue their cases in controversial sales and marketing disputes.

The first topic of the series is: QUALITY Vs. QUANTITY of activity in outbound sales Everybody has an opinion, most have chosen a side – and our first panellists of the series are no exception!

They have tried and tested in their field, they have their favourite and they’re ready to battle it out.


Benjamin Dennehy – “The UK’s Most Hated Sales Trainer®

Dale Dupree – Founder & CSO at The Sales Rebellion

Mark Ackers – Sales Director at Allego

Sitting in the middle is your host, Owen Richards, Founder & CEO of Air Marketing, who aims to challenge the viewpoints of our panellists and encourage a healthy debate, with tangible takeaways for everybody tuning in.

There will also be the opportunity to give your own opinions and ask questions throughout the event. Simply register for free, send us your question in advance or ask us live.

Who is it for?


Sales Leaders

Revenue Leaders

Sales Managers

Sales Development Representatives

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