CALLING MASTERS | Pitch Perfect: Taking Your Prospect on a Journey


Feeling like your cold calls are missing the mark? Struggling to engage prospects and leave a lasting impression?

In this fourth episode of our Calling Masters series in partnership with Lead Forensics, we’re exploring the art of the perfect pitch. We’ll equip you with the skills to craft a compelling narrative and guide your prospect towards a positive outcome.

You’ll learn:

  • Hook ‘Em from the Start: Master the art of crafting captivating introductions that grab attention and break the ice.
  • The Power of Storytelling: Discover how to weave a compelling narrative that resonates with your prospect’s needs and challenges.
  • Building Value Throughout the Call: Learn how to highlight the benefits of your offering in a way that’s tailored to each prospect.
  • A Smooth Landing: Master the art of transitioning from a captivating pitch to a clear call to action.

Our panel features:
Marco Alfano-Rogers – Sales Director at Air Marketing
Erik Pollitt – Training Consultant at Air Sales Academy
Tom Happé – CEO and Founder at Trueleads

Joe Duccarreaux – Brand Awareness Manager at Lead Forensics

Who is it for?
Founders & CEOs
Sales & Marketing Leaders
Revenue Leaders
Sales & Marketing Managers
Sales Development Representatives (SDRs)
Business Development Representatives (BDRs)

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